Our service

Service of Japanese used cars Greesko Co.,Ltd.

Here is a service that Greesko Co.,Ltd. provides. You can be sure that we check every car before buying and care of our customer.

Loading in 20th 40th containers. Mix containers are also available.
Influence of radiation has been a worldwide concern since the 2011 East Japan Great Earthquake.
GREESKO checks every sales item with a Geiger counter «Inspector EXP+» by SE International, Inc. We check that every item has the safe level of radiation before handling it over to our customers.
We care about loading Your vehicle on the board. We look for all operation from the start to the finish.

GREESKO finds and provides any equipment at your request at a good price from any auction in Japan. Find your next vehicle at GREESKO! We are inexpensive, reliable and safe.

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