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Greesko Co., Ltd is an international company based in Japan.  We have been supplying our clients with the best possible used and new automotive equipment for over 8 years.

We offer a wide range of new and used automotive service equipment, at affordable prices.

  • Construction Equipment (lifts, drillers, cranes, etc.) and spare parts
  • Trucks for various purposes and spare parts
  • Automobiles and spare parts
  • Motor boats and spare parts
  • Motorcycles and spare parts

We offer products from quality manufactures and auctions such as: THI Yokohama, USS Japan, JU e.t.c.



We offer equipment delivery services throughout Japan.
Our supplies are carefully selected and checked to provide our customers with the best quality and productivity in their class.

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New and Used Vehicles

Automobiles, Trucks, Trailer Vehicles, Two-wheeled Vehicles, Heavy Machineries, Construction Equipments, Boats

Container Shipping

Shipment of the purchased vehicles, equipment, and spare parts in 20-40 feet containers.

Cargo Transportation

Cargo transportation services within Japan.

Parts Sales

Selection and Sale of Spare Parts

GREETING — Chief of GREESKO Co., Ltd

I have worked in automobile industry in Russia for a long time, mainly dealing with large-size automobiles, heavy machinery, and construction equipment. Working with these types of vehicles is my specialization.

Anyone can experience the high quality of Japanese vehicles in everyday life. Thanks to my hobby, car racing, I was able to fully appreciate the consistency and excellence of Japanese automobile industry. This experience has brought me to Japan in 1997 when I started my business here.

Traveling all over Japan I managed to establish good relations with very reliable partners. My professionalism and technical knowledge helped me to find automobiles and equipment of the best quality.

Our company was established in 2008. Qualified Japanese team members support the daily operations of the company.

We will continue providing great vehicles.

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